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I am often asked, “what is the common denominator for successful advertising & communication?” There are many reasons organizations and their leaders make it to the top, but as far as I can tell, the one thing that they all have in common is the ability to move forward. The wisdom to learn from the past, leave it behind, and move on to tomorrow’s challenges.

-Eric Kennedy

EVK Media is a full-service media buying firm that combines strategic planning with a highly disciplined approach to creating ads, marketing, and communications programs for clients. From launching a new product to increasing sales and profits, EVK Media can take your company to the next level. Our team of professionals will help you determine the best ways to reach your target audience and deliver results.

Below is a well-known quote from Walt Disney that I believe best describes this important ingredient for success.

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Laugh and learn with the story of Walter Elias Disney, whose vision of a magical place fueled a dream, which became an American entertainment legend and one of the most successful businesses in the world.

It wasn’t that he was unaware of the doubters or that he ignored their opinion. Instead, Walt just chose to ignore them – and it made all the difference in his life.

Walt Disney’s success can be attributed to his ability to think differently, create new ideas and products, and listen to the opinions of others. Inspired by Walt’s example, EVK Media continues to produce content that is innovative and forward-thinking. By combining the latest technologies with classic artistic inspiration, we strive to produce creative that will help your brand resonate with audiences in your designated markets and around the world.

Walt never gave up, and Neither should you.

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“There is no time like the present to move your organization forward. When we live by Walt’s words and “Keep Moving Forward”, new worlds open up to us. We can discover new ways to improve the way our organizations communicate and by maximizing your traditional and social media assets in a more effective manner. Discovering new ways of thinking and executing by simply “moving forward.”

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EVK Media offers  personalized consulting for your business in the following areas:

Identify Pathways to Growth
We explore many diverse path potentials and explore possible sources of new revenue from a variety of paradigms.

Increase Customer Demand
Through the development of digital marketing and sales strategies that pay off in the modern landscape.

Reimagine Brands
We build brands that exist at the intersection of business and experience.

Revolutionize Your Customer’s Experience
We reinvent business models to launch new products, services and experiences.

Engage Employees and Include Their Input and Excitement
We think it is important to put employees at the center and soul of your mission thereby initializing organizational transformations from the inside out.

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