Why Interrupt?

Why interrupt when you can engage?

We’re in a consumer-empowered world now and the rules have changed. Have you?

Our thoughts as consumers are susceptible to external influences, even when we are not aware of them.

EVK Media is a Digital Advertising consulting firm offering services for businesses seeking to grow their online presence and extend customer reach through all forms and types of media. We provide digital and traditional ad planning, advertising creative development, and management, as well as lead generation strategies. Our team of specialists has extensive experience working with both small and large businesses. Our purpose is to help extend your company’s reach in order to increase lead generation, sales, and top-of-mind awareness for your brand.

Consulting with a media expert like Eric Kennedy can help give owners and managers a more clear view of where they stand as it relates to their digital presence and how their company is perceived on social media platforms.

An outside perspective is often necessary as employees of companies tend to gloss over problems and issues to avoid conflict. This can leave ownership and management in an ominous position moving forward.

Our Digital Advertising consultants are experts in delivering the strategies and tactics that have been proven to help you achieve your growth goals. We offer expertise in digital and traditional marketing and can work with you to determine your business objectives, target audience, and budget requirements to develop a customized and comprehensive marketing plan.

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A non-linear approach for communications.

Messaging has shifted from a primarily linear marketing approach of one-way communications to non-linear, free-flowing, many-to-many and one on one exchanges. Information can spread across numerous channels such as the blogosphere, Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram. Online communities and social networks allow individuals to easily create content and publicly share their opinions and experiences about products.

Digital marketing increasingly allows marketers to use an omnichannel strategy. This is becoming ever-important for enterprises who know that they have to adapt to the changing expectations of consumers. Consumers who are interested in more sophisticated offerings throughout the purchasing process.

Omni-channel messaging requires analyzing consumer behavior from a multi-dimensional viewpoint, and careful observation of what influences their buying habits. Retailers are more and more focused on their online presence which includes online shops that operate alongside existing store-based outlets. The Internet and social media have created a strong shift towards brand communication that is authentic and personal.

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