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Three decades of Luxury marketing experience and a chance to learn from the best from an early age.

Eric V. Kennedy is an American publisher, editor, and media entrepreneur who has launched multiple internationally known magazine titles and websites. He began his career in 1985, at the age of 19 when he joined the launch of the international consumer publications known as the duPont REGISTRY . These publications cater to the interests of Fortune 500 executives, Hollywood actors and entertainers, professional athletes, and the rich and famous in over 50 different countries. Covers of the magazine were routinely featured on the sets of television shows and movies, such as Tim Allen’s Home Improvement, Warner Bros. Murder at 1600 (starring Wesley Snipes, Alan Alda, and Diane Lane) and Adam Sandler’s Funny People.

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A career in luxury marketing to the rich, famous and world elite.

At the age of 27, he was appointed as Executive Vice-President and served in subsequent roles: Editor-in-Chief, President of, and was a member of the company’s Board of Directors. In these roles, Eric was instrumental in the creation and management of partnerships with noteworthy publishers and business entrepreneurs, including Hugh M. Hefner of Playboy Enterprises, and Wayne Huizenga, who is known for the founding of Waste Management, Blockbuster and his past and current ownership of the Miami Dolphins. This chapter of Eric’s career was part of the fundamental knowledge he gained working every single day marketing to the rich and famous. Understanding affluence and the consumers that drove the luxury marketplace was the most important part of Eric’s role. Grasping what triggered these consumers desire to acquire luxury products, services, and real estate was mission critical each and every day and fundamental to the success of the venture.

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A “never-ending story” of moving forward, consulting the affluent, startups, and established businesses.

History of a Luxury Marketing Expert Tampa: As Editor-in-Chief, he oversaw the duPont REGISTRY’s launch of their Gallery of Fine Homes which was recognized in 1995, as one of the 50 most noteworthy launches by Hearst Magazine Enterprises. There were nearly 900 titles launched that year. (Source: Hearst Magazine Enterprises) After serving the company for over 16 years at the duPont REGISTRY, he founded Atlantis Magazine, co-founded The MOJO Guides (launched in Tampa Bay, Sarasota, Washington, D.C., and Sydney Australia), The Tampa Bay Fine Wine Guide, Atlantis Magazine, and

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Consider putting me on your team as a private consultant to help you build an effective strategy for marketing your luxury, products, services, or real estate. Access a 30 year history of “know-how” for a fraction of the cost of retaining a traditional agency. I work with clients locally and around the world. I would love the opportunity to work with you on your next outreach, targeting your message to affluent consumers.

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As an “insider,” Eric Kennedy understands best practices on how to market to the affluent. A lifelong career dedicated to learning the intricate and ever-evolving purchasing trends of the rich is his area of expertise. How to effectively identify these wealthy consumers and then deliver a compelling message or offer is the most important component of selling your products, services or luxury real estate. This is what Eric understands and he knows how to get this job done. Call Eric now at 813-540-3984 for a no-obligation, free consultation.

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duPont REGISTRY’s Buyer’s Gallery  of Fine Homes was featured on the set of Warner Bros., Murder at 1600, starring Wesley Snipes, Diane Lane, and Alan Alda.


Call Eric today for a no-obligation, free consultation 813-540-3984

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