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Looking for media training in Chicago? Performing well in in front of the media can be more challenging today than ever before.

When it comes to Chicago Media Training, whether you’re a corporate spokesperson, entrepreneur, or political candidate you must compete with increasingly smaller attention spans from your audience, wrangle with a cascading waterfall of social media, and endure confrontational reporters. All of this merits effective media training. With challenges like these, how can you deliver a positive message that breaks through a fragmented and noisy space and still find a way to clearly communicate your message to your target audience, shareholders, or constituents? Our team of Chicago media trainers cover all of these areas that are so critical to effective message control.

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For more information on our media training services in Chicago, call us today at 813-540-3984.

Our Chicago Media Trainers will teach you how to breakthrough with the clear message that you want to communicate.

Responding to difficult questions in a confident manner is critical. Media training is the critical component that will increase the authority and confidence of your message. With effective media training, your message will come through loud, clear, and credible. Good media training will prepare you for interviews and on-camera appearances at every level. Making sure that you choose the right media training firm is a critical component to you successful media training Chicago experience.

Media Crisis Training at our Chicago television studio.

What if your company or campaign has fallen into a crisis? Will you handle it smoothly and confidently? Or, will you allow it to possibly destroy you and your company’s reputation? We offer cost effective Media training that can give you peace of mind when these situations arise. Our media trainers are experienced and know how to get you, your executives and spokesperson ready to confidently stay on message.

Three decades of serving Chicago’s media training needs. Professionals guiding you through each critical step of your “on-camera” performance.

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When experience matters, consider Mark Traverso and Valerie Kennedy. With decades of experience media training the world’s most influential personalities, public figures, and corporate executives on how to handle every type of difficult media scenario. Mark and Valerie will train you and your team on how to most effectively deal with reporters, remove fear of the camera, anchor your brand, and protect and improve the reputation of your company, image, or campaign. When you’re finished with your media training, you’ll be ready for any “hardball” questions the press can hurl at you.

Through our media training we offer:

Media training to help you understand the ground rules for dealing with reporters

Media training on how to deliver a message that is clear, on-topic, and memorable to the media

Media training for best communication techniques that use media-friendly stories, statistics, anecdotes, and talking points

Media training that wil ensure you can breeze through and perform winning interviews

Media training on how best to field tough questions and handle tough reporters

Media training that helps you adjust your approach for print, radio, television, and social media

Media training to master body language proven to reinforce your image and your message

Media training to ensure that you know what clothes you should wear when you will appear on television

Media training on how to learn how to effectively manage a media crisis

We also offer Media Training for political candidates. Make sure that your candidate is prepared for for those unplanned on-camera moments, news crew ambush, and interviews.

The political season is in full bloom. Candidates everywhere are ramping up efforts to get their message, policy points, and positions into the public eye, and that means being in front of the camera. We can help support yourl campaign by training your candidates and campaign spokespersons on how to more effectively deal with and handle tough media interviewers. Successful campaign managers know this and always take advantage of good media training. Just like a prize fighter who spends many hours in the gym and in the practice ring, you need to rehearse in the “ring of the media” sharpening your interview skills. The results of which will aid you in effectively dodging the “knockout punch questions” and getting in a few of your own. This is the essence of effective media training.

Not in Chicago or Tampa? No problem, we will bring our media training program to you.


Not in the Chicago area? Not a problem. We can come to you. Some major cities that we frequent include: Tampa, New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, Miami, Orlando, Atlanta, and San Francisco.


Full spectrum television services. What we provide at our Chicago Studio.

Our headquarters in Chicagothat can provide you with all the video equipment, set pieces, backdrops, crews and anything else you might need for your interviews and training for on-camera work. We also have an edit suite, so we would be able to be a one-stop encounter for your projects as well. Our television studio is just steps off Michigan Avenue on the “Mag Mile” at the corner of Grand and Michigan in the heart of downtown Chicago. Our clients love our close proximity to the best hotels, shopping and dining in Chicago. Too, the location makes it is an easy in and out for anyone participating in our media training.

SCI Television & Creative Media, is a full-service production company. We have a broadcast studio with a 1.5GB uncompressed HD Vyvx fiber circuit, perfect for SMTs, live shots, webcasts or feeds. We also have two HD ENG/EFP production packages for remote shoots, editing and graphics facilities, and on-staff producers and writers.

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Are you prepared to go in front of the camera? Are you ready for your media training?


For more information on our media training services in Chicago, call us today at 813-540-3984.

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