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Medical Practice Marketing & Websites Tampa, Brandon, Sarasota, Lakeland and Orlando

If you’re seeking a new look for your medical practice website, if you’re not ranking well on search engines or if your just looking for help moving your medical practice marketing forward, EVK Media can help. Now’s the time to get on a path to improving your practice image with a medical website that not only conveys clearly your practice and the healthcare services that you provide, but also effectively markets your medical practice to potential new patients who are using the internet to research new doctors and healthcare providers. Perhaps you are practicing medicine in Tampa, Brandon, Sarasota or even Orlando. Are you returning on search inquiries for “Tampa Medical Doctors, or Brandon Pediatrician?” If you’re not, a solid SEO plan can help get you on 1st page rankings for searches that are relevant to what type of medicine you practice. Find out how you can lease a brand new website for only $395 per month with no money down with all design changes and updates included.

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Medical Practice Logo Design and Marketing in Tampa, Brandon, Clearwater, Lakeland and Orlando, Florida

Take the time to time to take a look at your brand image and make sure that your medical practice logo is sending the right message. A well designed medical practice logo should convey the essence of your medical practice in an instant, with consistent use of fonts and color palettes. By doing this, you’ll be sending a clear communication to the patients of your medical practice. One that is memorable and that will be recognized for years to come. You may not need a logo for your medical practice, but if you do, we can help.

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Serving Medical Practice Marketing Needs in Tampa, Brandon, Lakeland, Sarasota and Orlando

EVK Media Consulting provides services to clients in Tampa, Clearwater, Sarasota, Chicago and even London England and Zurich Switzerland. The internet is a virtual place and we can provide your medical practice with our marketing and web services no matter where you are. And the great thing is that we can move quickly to get your medical practice website up fast. If you’re a doctor or a practice manager who is looking for a medical website in Tampa call us today at 813-540-3984. We would love to discuss with you how to get your new site up and working for your medical practice in Tampa, Sarasota, Clearwater, Brandon, or Orlando.

Your Medical Practice Deserves my Personal Attention

A consulting approach to your medical practice marketing needs, means Eric Kennedy joins your team. I work closely with all of my clients. If I don’t have the time to effectively help you reach your medical practice marketing goals, I won’t take on your project.  If you’re serious and would like to talk to me further about your medical practice needs for web presence, branding and marketing call me on my cell phone now at 813-540-3984.

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Call today: 813-540-3984

Hear what a satisfied doctor has to say:

drug rehab clinic dr. gary johns alpharetta “Eric Kennedy has proven himself to be the best in marketing and the knowledge of how to use the internet to drive new business to your company’s website. His expertise enables him to move  that company’s website to the top of the search engines. Through his years of experience he has developed the expertise that has given him the advantage, the knowledge and know-how to achieve success for each individual business. His talent and intuitiveness guides him well in overcoming  each unique challenge for each individual client. Before Eric starts a new project, first he will take the time to learn about the potential client’s business and what they want to achieve. Next, he will  become very clear on what are their goals. Finally, he will create a strategy to achieve those goals with a plan of action for success.  I am very thankful to have met Eric and extremely grateful for what he has done and how he is executing the strategy he developed for us to reach our goals. His know how of using the Internet as a powerful tool that it is and driving new business to our website every day is why I’m very grateful to have Eric on our team.”

-Dr. G. M. Johns, Living Healthy Medical, Alpharetta, GA


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